Jamaica Labour Party, JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang says the announcement by Opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips this morning, that he’ll be resigning as People’s National Party PNP president, did not come as a surprise.

Dr. Phillips told a media conference today that he’s advised PNP Chairman, Fitz Jackson, that the National Executive Council be convened to make arrangements to elect a new  party leader as soon as possible.

Dr. Chang says this may be the appropriate decision at this time considering the massive defeat.

He is however advising the Opposition Leader that he should not leave the party in confusion. 

Dr. Chang expressed empathy to the PNP as he highlighted that the JLP went through a similar period.

The JLP General Secretary says the party addressed the issues affecting the younger population, to secure their victory.

He added that  people will not vote if a party does not perform.

Dr. Chang admitted that the JLP used the success of Prime Minister Andrew Holness over the four year tenure, to boost the campaign of candidates across all constituencies.

He elaborated that the Members of Parliament will have to work to retain their seat.

Dr. Horace Chang, Jamaica Labour Party General Secretary.