Chevon Campbell reports

The Jamaica Labour Party rolled out its new campaign chaired by political veteran Olivia Babsy Grange as it seeks a second consecutive term.

Ms. Grange says the record of achievements in the JLP’s first term deserves another.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith, and Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke, are the Campaign Spokespersons.

Mrs. Johnson Smith says JLP’s theme of “stronger” encompasses what the JLP has accomplished and will continue to accomplish to the benefit of the Jamaican people.

The Campaign Spokesperson says the country needs certainty in what has become one of the most challenging periods in Jamaica’s history.

However, Mrs. Johnson Smith says the plans to be undertaken by a second term JLP administration will be outlined at a later date.

Joining Mrs. Johnson Smith is first time MP and Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, who will function as the JLP’s Campaign Co-Spokesperson.

He touted what he sees as the unmatched achievements of the current administration.

They’re being joined by political veteran, campaign Co-Chair, Rudyard Spencer.

Long-serving JLP MP, Olivia Babsy Grange, has been selected as JLP’s Campaign Chairperson.

Ms. Grange noted that the party has a record number of women on its slate of candidates this year.