Chief Executive Officer of Jamaican Teas Limited, John Mahfood has been elected new president of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association JMEA.

During the JMEA’s annual general meeting on Wednesday, Mahfood was inducted along with six new directors.

Mr. Mahfood replaces Seprod’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Pandohie who served as President of the association for two consecutive terms.

Mr. Mahfood will serve as the JMEA president for the 2021/2022 period.

According to the JMEA Mahfood is an experienced business leader, with a wealth of knowledge on local and international retail and trade, mergers, and expansions.

Mr. Mahfood also served more than two years on the JMEA Board of Directors.

During his acceptance speech, the newly elected President said Jamaica’s small domestic market needs to export more in order to grow and have an efficient manufacturing base.

Mr. Mahfood is also pleading with other sectors to work together to speed up the country’s recovery.

Last week the Small Business Association of Jamaica SBAJ President Michael Lecky also called for unity across all sectors.