The Jamaica Public Service Company has appealed a number of the decisions the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, made in the JPS Annual Review and Extraordinary Rate Review 2022 Determination Notice. 

The OUR says it has been served with notice of the power company’s appeal.

Among other things, the OUR says JPS has appealed its treatment of the Independent Power Producers, IPP, cost in the system losses calculation, the regulatory definition of the foreign exchange surcharge, and the final assessment of the quality of service, Q-Factor, performance in 2021. 

The appeal was filed with the Electricity Appeal Tribunal on September 19. 

JPS is requesting that the OUR’s decisions which are the subject of the appeal, be set aside and/or modified as the Tribunal deems fit.

This application represents the latest in a series of appeals by the JPS of decisions issued by the OUR which are pending tribunal review. 

The appeal is done pursuant to provisions in the 2016 Electricity Licence. 

The Tribunal is established under the licence to receive appeals by JPS against decisions by the OUR.

JPS submitted its 2022 Annual Review and Extraordinary Rate Review application to the OUR in May 2022. 

The application submission is in keeping with the provisions of the Electricity Licence, 2016, which allows for the realignment of the company’s revenue targets each year against inflation and exchange rate movements, as well as its performance in the previous year.