Tivoli Gardens Enforcer, Leighton ‘Livity’ Coke, and two other members of the Coke family from West Kingston are among seven accused gangsters who are to be released from custody today. The seven have been in custody since 2018.

They’re to be released after Presiding Judge, Leighton Pusey, allowed a move by representatives of the Office of the DPP to enter a conditional nolle prosequi in connection with the case.

Tauna Thomas reports:


The Office of the DPP made the decision to enter a conditional nolle prosequi after a witness could not be located to facilitate the beginning of the trial. A conditional nolle prosequi seeks to discontinue a case but leaves room for the accused to be brought before the Court at a later date.

Yesterday, when Prosecutors announced that a conditional nolle prosequi has been entered in relation to the case, Presiding Judge Leighton Pusey, said the Prosecutors must convince him that the men are not to be fully acquitted. Pusey had said he wanted to ensure that constitutional provisions exercised in court are used in a manner that is fair.

Senior Prosecutor, Andrea Martin Swaby, returned to Court this morning to make submissions for the Prosecution. DPP Paula Llewelyn also turned up in Court this morning. The DPP was robed and prepared to address the High Court to provide support to Mrs. Martin Swaby.

But, when the proceedings began just after 10:00 this morning, Justice Pusey reversed his initial pronouncements and allowed the Conditional Nolle Prosequi.

Justice Pusey said he had his concerns but was not imputing any improper motive on the part of the ODPP. Section 4 of the Criminal Justice (Administration) Act empowers the DPP to at any stage discontinue Criminal Court proceedings by entering a nolle prosequi. 

Apart from Livity, the men who were before the Courts are Lanchester ‘Bamma T’ Coke and Michael ‘Titty Man’ Coke. Livity is the brother of former Tivoli Gardens Don, Christopher Dudus Coke. Titty Man is the son of Dudus. Bamma T is Dudus’ nephew.

Also among the accused were David Biggs, Delmarco Cephas,  Wayne Page, and Ayesha Jones.

The seven were charged with murdering Denham Town-based thug, Patrick Davis, who’s otherwise known as P-Boy. It’s alleged that P-Boy was gunned down in 2018 as a reprisal to an attack a few months earlier which resulted in Livity being shot and injured.

Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson, Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie, Donahue Martin, Pierre Rogers, Vincent Wellesley, and Tamika Harris are among the Defense Attorneys for the seven defendants who are to be released today.