Nationwide News understands that defeated PNP Presidential candidate, Peter Bunting, has written PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, and offered his resignation from the opposition council of spokespersons.

Bunting is the Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Commerce and Competitiveness.

The Central Manchester MP’s move to offer his resignation from the Phillips-led Council of Spokespersons comes as the fall out intensifies from his  76-vote defeat to Dr. Phillips in the PNP Presidential election on Saturday.

Sources in the PNP leadership ranks say Mr. Bunting wrote the PNP President last night.

The Central Manchester MP congratulated Phillips on his victory.

Bunting told the PNP President that he’s offering his resignation to give Phillips a free hand to shape a new Council of Spokespersons.

It’s not immediately clear whether Dr. Phillips will accept Mr. Bunting’s resignation.

Calls placed to both Phillips and Mr. Bunting this morning were not answered.

Mr. Bunting’s move to offer his resignation comes following Dr. Dayton Campbell’s decision to resign from the Council of Spokespersons.

Campbell was Bunting’s Campaign Manager during the sometimes fractious and heated leadership contest in which Phillips emerged victorious.

Bunting’s Campaign Chairman and Opposition Spokesman Finance, Mark Golding, is confirming word reaching our news center that he’s also offered to resign from the Council of Spokespersons.

Mr. Golding says he wrote Dr. Phillips and offered to step down as Opposition Spokesman on Finance.

Golding says his letter to Dr. Phillips was guided by principle.

Mark Golding, Opposition Spokesman on Finance speaking this morning with Nationwide News.