A family member this afternoon recounted the discovery of the charred remains of a relative who was allegedly killed by the men accused of being members of the King Valley Gang.

Eight persons are on trial in the Home Circuit Court in downtown, Kingston.

A member of the police force who testified in court today also disclosed that two of the accused men were charged for the man’s death.

The star witness in the trial previously testified that the man was killed and burnt.

He gave evidence that the man was murdered because he had a disagreement with members of the gang.

The witness who said he wasn’t present at the incident, said he was told about the murder by one of the accused gang member, Carlington Godfrey, otherwise called Tommy.

The witness who is a former member of the gang previously testified that he was told that Lindell Powell, Rannaldo McKennis, Sean Suckra and men only identified as Owen and Catman went to kill the man.

Today’s witness testified that the remains of his relative was found on March 26, 2017.

The family member said the body was partially burnt.

According to the witness, the face and upper body was completely burnt.

The Court heard that on the day the body was discovered, a report was immediately made to the Police who visited the scene and processed it.

The Court also heard that the body was subsequently identified by a scar on the left leg with a doctor present.

Meanwhile, two members of the police force were called as witnesses in relation to the victim’s death.

The first Police personnel said during their investigations on July 15, 2017, one of the accused men on trial was brought into custody.

That accused man was Lindell Powell, otherwise called ‘Lazarus’.

The Detective Corporal testified that Powell was interviewed in the presence of an attorney.

He said Powell answered 19 questions.

The court also heard that on August 1, 2017, a second suspect was visited at the Falmouth Police station, where he was in custody.

The Detective Corporal gave evidence that the accused, Carlington Godfrey, otherwise called ‘Tommy’ was shown the question and answer sheet completed by Powell.

The witness says Godfrey read the document but said nothing.

The Policeman testified that Godfrey was then informed that he was being jointly charged with Powell for the murder of a man in Westmoreland on March 25, 2017.

During cross-examination, Godfrey’s attorney, Abina Morris, suggested to the Detective Corporal that he didn’t see her client at the Falmouth police station.

But, the policeman disagreed.

The witness also disagreed with the suggestion that he didn’t inform Godfrey he was being charged with murder.