The Kings Valley Gang Trial defense team has indicated they intend to make no case submissions as early as tomorrow afternoon.

The Prosecution will be expected to set out  the case against each accused in writing, to narrow the areas the Crown is presenting.

The Prosecution is expected to complete its case today.

They’ll be recalling their first witness, who’s a former member of the Westmoreland-based gang.

He’s being recalled to identify several pieces of evidence presented during the trial.

These include masks the witness testified were used in the crimes.

The Prosecution made its case over 12 days, with less than 10 witnesses testifying before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Sykes refused to grant a number of amendments requested by the Prosecution this morning.

The Prosecution applied for the offence of rape to be amended, based on the testimony of its star witness, a former gang member.

The witness had testified that two additional men participated in the rape of a victim.

Those men are also on trial.

But Chief Justice Sykes denied the request to add their names to the indictment, saying it would be unfair to them at this time.

He also refused an application to add another charge against Christon Grant otherwise called Ekoy.

The Prosecution’s first witness claimed Grant was a sponsor of the gang, someone whom he saw giving money to the gang’s leaders.

The Prosecution says  the money was used to provide meals and entertain gang members at a shop in Westmoreland, described as the gang’s headquarters.

However, the Chief Justice refused the Crown’s application to add the charge of giving benefits to members of a gang.

The first witness is expected to be recalled shortly via video link.