A defence attorney for one of the four men freed yesterday in the Klansman Gang Trial, is predicting that more defendants will walk free as the trial progresses.

The four, Damaine Elliston, Rivaldo Hylton, Owen Ormsby and Rushane Williams were freed after the Prosecution said it had no case against them.

When the trial resumed Thursday the prosecution explained that after careful review it found it had insufficient evidence to mount a case against the four men.

They had been charged with several offences including being a member of a criminal organisation, conspiracy to murder, murder and arson.

Attorney John Jacobs represents Rushane Williams.

He says he expects more of the accused to be freed because the evidence presented by the prosecution does not support the charges for all the defendants.

John Jacobs, attorney for Rushane Williams.

He says his client has been allowed to return home.

In the meantime, Walter Melbourne who represents Damaine Elliston, says he was surprised by the move of the judge to free his client.

He says Mr Elliston too has been allowed to return home and is reconnecting with his children.

Walter Melbourne, Attorney for Damaine Elliston.

The other defence attorneys are presenting no case submissions for their clients.

The trial resumes at 10:00 Monday morning.