The One Don/Klansman Gang Trial is inching closer to an end. The defence for 22 of the 28 remaining accused are wrapping up their cases.

The cases for the six other defendants are awaiting records requested of police station diaries and data from the prisoner’s admission book from a detention facility, as well as character witnesses to complete their case.

The records are expected to be ready on Monday June 27.

One of the defendants, Ricardo Thomas, concluded his sworn statement today.

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Like the 26 others before him, Thomas denied the allegation of being part of a criminal organization.

When asked if he knew the reputed gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, Thomas said, “Mi nuh know who name Blackman.”

He refuted the claims of him test firing guns for the alleged gang, as one of the self confessed gangsters turned state witness testified.

Defendant Ted Prince in his unsworn statement from the dock says he’s a shoe maker and knows nothing about a gang.

He says, “from mi born mi never yet get a shot yet your honour, and mi never drive inah nuh car wid dis man guh nuh where guh burn down nuh where,” disputing the evidence given by a witness.

Prince says the witnesses have been making up things.

He ended his statement saying, “That’s my story your honour.”

Accused Dylan Mclean, also proclaimed his innocence, saying he’s a warehouse attendant and he’s never held or fired a gun.

Mclean, who is from Jones Avenue in Spanish Town St. Catherine, says he hardly came out of his house and that he has never seen any of the two key witnesses who claim they know him.

Presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, instructed the defense attorneys who have requested records, to have the producers of the data present in court to speak to how those records are created and prepared.

Justice Sykes says if all goes accordingly, evidence could come to an end by next week.

After which he says a three-day break will follow to allow the Crown and the Defense to get their thoughts together.

Justice Sykes says the objective is to have the summation of the trial begin and for it to be brought to an end before the close of the legal year.

The trial will resume at 10:00 on Monday morning.