One of the prosecution’s police witnesses in the Klansman Gang Trial on Monday detailed how they excavated human remains from an area on Waterloo Lane in Rivoli, St. Catherine in 2019. 

The police witness is a Detective Inspector at the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch, C-TOC.

He says based on police intelligence, he led a team from C-TOC, JCF Scenes of Crimes, and two Jamaica Defense Force members who operated a tractor, at the location on May 14, 2019. 

The Detective Inspector says dogs from the Police Canine Unit were also present. 

According to the policeman, the security personnel dug an area the dog had indicated may hold human remains. 

But he says on that day nothing of evidentiary value was discovered. 

He says on a second search, the team used the tractor to dig deeper and wider. 

And he says that search turned up what appeared to be human clothing, a human skull and human bones. 

He say that investigation was turned over to the Constabulary’s Major Investigation Division. 

The witness says the items unearth were photographed and processed.