Vice-chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Dr. Lucien Jones, is describing as yearlong madness, the rate of fatal accidents across the island. 

Dr. Jones says some 400 people have been killed in road crashes since January this year. 

His comment come as there are expectations for an increase in road crashes during the festive season. 

Dr. Jones recalls a 2014 study conducted by local researchers which found road fatalities contributed to over $3-billion in cost for hospital care locally. 

Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice-chairman of the National Road Safety Council.

In the meantime, Director of the Island Traffic Authority, Kenute Hare, is calling for a re-socialisation of Jamaicans to address the problems of road crashes across the island. 

He notes that the conditions of the roads often play a role in traffic accidents.

Mr. Hare also says the Island Traffic Authority is working with the education ministry to have safe driving courses taught in public schools.

Kenute Hare, Director of the Island Traffic Authority.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.