The undercover policeman giving evidence in the Klansman Gang Trial has identified the two defendants who he says handed over a gun and ammunition in his presence during an intelligence operation.

He has identified the accused Ruel Taylor otherwise called “Ruel/ Rell” and Joseph McDermott also known as “Papa”.

The undercover lawman has given evidence that during a March, 2019 intelligence operation he and the second witness had gone to a yard.

At the time the Policeman said the second witness introduced him as his uncle.

The lawman says the first man Taylor handed a Ruger 9-milli-metre pistol with a magazine to the second witness.

He says a few minutes later McDermott approached and handed over a drink bottle containing cornmeal and 32 rounds of ammunition.

Meanwhile, the Policeman says he saw Taylor on two other occasions following the March 2019 mission.

He also testified that he saw McDermott one other time.

The Policeman says he saw Taylor after he was arrested on June 25, 2019 after a joint Police/military operation.

He says the accused was being held in Twickenham park at the Police college.

On the other occasion Taylor was seen by the undercover lawman two days later on June 27 at the Tamarind Farm correctional facility.

He says on that occasion he spoke with Taylor and informed him that he was being treated as a suspect in an investigation.

The lawman says Taylor was cautioned on that occasion but said nothing.

The witness says the other accused McDermott was also seen at the Tamarind Farm correctional facility sometime in December, 2019.

McDermott was also cautioned but said nothing.

Meanwhile, the lawman has began detailing his custody of the pistol and ammunitions collected during the March, 2019 intelligence mission.

His evidence-in-chief is still underway.