The Prosecution overnight adjusted its strategy and today called on all the Police personnel who were involved in the chain of custody of the phone recordings made by the second witness in the trial.

Yesterday, the Prosecution attempted to tender two transcripts of the telephone conversations into evidence.

These are the telephone conversations that the second witness said he had with several members of the gang.

However, the admission of the transcripts was blocked by Presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, who said there was insufficient evidence to show the chain of custody of the information that was transcribed.

He said admission of the transcripts were being denied at this time and marked them as exhibits for identification.

Tauna Thomas reports:

Today, before the Prosecution began its evidence in chief of the fifth witness, at least three defence attorneys raised concerns about not having accessibility to the statements of that person who entered the witness box.

The lead Prosecutor rose to explain that the statements had been added but moved to another folder to create easier access for the defence attorneys.

The lead Prosecutor further noted that this was made known to several of the attorneys.

It’s at this point the Prosecutor also addressed another complaint regarding the Prosecution’s amended but incomplete road map that should guide the attorneys about the case.

The lead Prosecutor explained that while they admit to the incomplete roadmap, when they plan and come into a roadblock like the one yesterday, they have to re-strategize and amend.

The Prosecutor noted that yesterday was an example of a hurdle because the route they attempted to use to admit the transcripts into evidence failed.

This the Prosecutor said resulted in their decision to call all the Police officers who were involved in the chain of custody of the information.

Justice Sykes responded, noting that the recordings were being cited as an essential part of the case and a fiercely contested part of the matter.

The Prosecution then indicated they’d be calling all four Police officers in relation to this area of the case.

The undercover Policeman is among the four officers who’ve been called to the witness box.

The first of the four policemen has been described by the second witness as the person he gave one of the phones, containing the conversations that he secretly recorded with several gang members when he became an informant.

Meanwhile, the undercover Policeman entered the witness box this afternoon.

He detailed his chain of custody of the cellphones used to record the gang members.

But he also disclosed that the former gang member who became an informant carried him to 13 crime scenes where he pointed out locations where members of the gang murdered civilians.

The undercover Policeman who the second witness says he introduced to the gang as his uncle is expected to continue his evidence tomorrow.