The prosecution’s second witness in the Klansman Gang Trial yesterday told the court that at least four of the gang members had their personal firearm.

The witness is presenting evidence against 33 alleged gang members including Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, the man he said headed the One Don faction of the gang.

The former gangster turned state witness says one of the gangsters he called ‘Biggs’ had his personal weapon, a gun he called the new Taurus.

He says another called ‘Hesy’ and another called ‘Smokey’ each had a silver and black gun called a ‘Nine’.

According to the witness a man he called ‘Dudus’ or ‘Dussman’ arranged for those gangsters to get those weapons.

The witness says another gang member called ‘Brains’ or ‘Sick Head’ had his own gun, a Glock 40 pistol, that he allowed no one to use.

But the witness says those weapons were still a part of what he calls the system, and if requested by Bryan they had to be handed over.

He says only ‘Sick Head’ refused to give anyone his weapon saying, “him naw gi nuhbody mek police tek it offa dem.”

The trial resumes at 10 this morning.