The People’s National Party, PNP, says Jamaica should be concerned about what they describe as Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ hypocrisy at the COP26 Climate Summit.

One-hundred and twenty world leaders are in Glasgow, Scotland to explain how they intend to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030.

Hykel Nunes tells us more.

In his five minute presentation, Prime Minister Holness urged world leaders to give climate change the same level of urgency they gave to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The prime minister told the assembly that large polluters must do their duty in order to prevent this existential crisis.

However, Opposition Spokesperson on Land Environment and Climate Change, Sophia Frazer-Binns, says Holness cannot speak at COP26 in good faith.

Frazer-Binns explained that Holness is demanding international climate action and financing while destroying Jamaica’s vital forest reserves and mature mangroves.

She elaborated that the prime minister also overturned NEPA’s decision while failing to agree on an acceptable mining buffer zone among other things.

The PNP Senator says the government is yet to achieve the delicate balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Frazer-Binns says words are not enough.

She added that Jamaica needs climate justice for mining communities, many of which she says are still displaced.

The PNP Senator says the country also needs climate action to protect the Cockpit Country.

Frazer-Binns said the Opposition supports international demands for the worst polluters to move towards net zero emissions and deliver on the 100 billion yearly funding promise.

Several calls to the PNP Senator went unanswered.

Earlier this week local environmentalist, Peter Espeut, said Holness should take blame for his mismanagement of Jamaica’s environment.

According to Mr. Espeut, the Prime Minister’s management of the Cockpit Country, is the opposite of what he is saying at the COP26 summit.