Former Chairman of the Urban Development Corporation, UDC, Senator KD Knight, is rejecting suggestions by Mr. Shaw that the agency’s recent multi-million dollar sale of the Oceana Hotel may be tantamount to a sweetheart deal

Senator Knight is also objecting to comments made recently in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper regarding the sale.

Finance Minister Shaw raised questions about the UDC’s sale of the Oceana Hotel while he closed the budget debate last week.

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Mr.Shaw described the sale as ‘slackness’.

The Finance Minister further questioned whether the sale was “good value for the Jamaican people, government mismanagement at its peak, or was it a sweetheart deal ?”

KD Knight was UDC Chairman at the time of the hotel sale.

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Senator Knight says the Gleaner newspaper is off the mark in its suggestions today that the sale of the Oceana Hotel was a sweetheart deal.

He says as far as the UDC is concerned it got the best available price for the property.

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