Outrageous, odd and an example of bad governance are some of the words being used to describe the decision of the Cabinet to distance itself from negotiations with Krauck but give Minister Hylton permission to pursue further talks.

Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Karl Samuda, says the statement is unacceptable.

He says it’s inappropriate for Cabinet — which operates under the principle of collective responsibility — to take a stance in relation to the Krauck matter, and then give Minister Hylton permission to take a separate path.

According to Mr. Samuda, Minister Hylton should be dismissed for what he says is his incompetence and bringing the Government and country into disrepute.

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The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ President William Mahfood, says he’s never seen such a move by a Cabinet.

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AND .. Metry Seaga — who was today elected President of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, JMA, — says the position taken by Cabinet in relation to Minister Hylton and Krauck is strange.

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Also reacting, Political and Social Commentator, Carol Narcisse, says Cabinet’s latest manoeuvre regarding the Krauck issue is outrageous and unprecedented.

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