Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew, Senator Delroy Williams, is warning that the Municipal Corporation will be taking legal action against developers who are found in breach of city building approvals.

The mayor made the revelation while addressing reports of multiple breaches of building ordinances across the Corporate Area. 

This has led to fears regarding the structural soundness of several construction projects in the capital city.

Mayor Williams says the Municipality will be taking the necessary corrective action as prescribed under law.

The mayor is also taking the opportunity to appeal to developers who are yet to start their projects to ensure they comply with the terms of their building permits.

In the meantime, the mayor says the Municipality will also be moving to address concerns regarding construction works being carried out on Sundays.

Residents have complained that these works create a nuisance in several communities.

Mayor Williams says he’ll be moving to ramp up enforcement.

Senator Delroy Williams, Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew.