Nationwide News understand that legal aid attorneys representing defendants in the Klansman Gang Trial, are restive over the government’s failure to honour its commitment to pay them. 

The legal aid attorneys are among those representing  33 defendants in the trial which started in September. 

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck says the attorneys should be paid by latest this week.

He says the attorneys should be paid for work done up to the end of November.

Delroy Chuck, Justice Minister, speaking recently with Mark Wignall on Cliff Hughes Online

But some of the attorneys are taking no comfort in what the minister’s said. 

One of the attorneys spoke with us on condition on anonymity, due to fear of being victimised by the Legal Aid Council. 

According to the attorney, their colleagues have been hearing that commitment for months. 

The attorney says several of their colleagues who were in the matter from before the trial started in September, are yet to be paid. 

He pointed out that  since January, those attorneys have been representing the defendants on preliminary matters such as hearing for pleas. 

But another attorney who spoke with Nationwide News, while admitting they were not yet paid, said he was confident the matter would be resolved soon.