The Labour and Social Security Ministry is confirming that 35-persons arrived in the island to work at the RIU Hotel in Montego Bay.

The Passport Citizenship Agency, PICA, reported that the work permits were renewed for 34 of the 35 listed applicants on Tuesday.

The Ministry indicated that among the workers are a range of specialists such as air conditioning, underwater welding, resort circuit and resort air duct.

The workers are employed to Clima Insular Caribe Limited that has been contracted by RIU Hotel, to conduct works as part of the hotel’s refurbishing and expansion projects.
The Ministry highlighted that the new refurbishing project in Montego Bay will provide employment for approximately 4-hundred Jamaicans.

According to the Ministry’s statement, newly appointed Labour and Social Security Minister, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, has given instructions for the strengthening of the Work Permit Committee that reviews applications.

Minister Henry says the committee must include a representative from the national training agency, HEART TRUST, to verify the availability of a particular skill set in the Jamaican Labour Market before any more permits are granted.

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, says the health records of the workers were checked and approved by the relevant authority.

Minister Bartlett was speaking this morning on Cliff Hughes Online.

Minister Bartlett pointed out that the workers could have contractual agreements with Jamaican hotel owners prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Chairman of the Tourism Linkages Council, Adam Stewart, says Jamaica has sufficient labourers to work in hotels.

Mr. Stewart says he supports the employment of local tradesmen for the maintenance of hotels.

Adam Stewart,Chairman of the Tourism Linkages Council.