People’s National Party, PNP presidential aspirant Peter Bunting, says the party is already better off because of his leadership challenge.

Mr Bunting launched his campaign yesterday with thousands of excited comrades, mostly youth, at the Manchester High School last evening.

He unveiled some of his plans, if given the chance to lead the 81 year old organization.

Stevian Simmonds reports:

Mr Bunting told comrades last evening that the party can win the next general elections.

He says he’ll launch an endowment fund to help comrades who’ve fallen on hard times, have workshops aimed at developing party members, and overhaul the party’s communication system.

He says the mission is aimed at transforming the party then taking that transformation to the entire island.

In an interview with Nationwide News, after the campaign launch, Mr Bunting says the leadership challenge has energized the party, which will bring long term benefits.

He also says even if he loses, it would still have been worth it.

Mr Bunting, who’s been publicly endorsed by at least nine Opposition MPs, says there are other high profile party members who are also supporting him but not publicly.

And he expressed regret for making a comment about contributing financial resources to the party.

He’s faced criticisms when he said that he’s had to use his own money to ensure that the lights stayed on at the party’s Head Quarters