Reputed gang leader, Uchence Wilson, took the witness box in the Supreme Court this afternoon, to detail a near death experience he claims is his alibi for a robbery he allegedly committed.

While he was in the witness box, Wilson, says one of his cronies, Stevenson Bennett led policemen to his home in an attempt to kill him.

He provided passport evidence to suggest he was out of Jamaica while another robbery took place.

Wilson also denied committing any of the crimes he’s accused of perpetrating.

He also denied knowing most of the men who’re allegedly apart of a gang led by him.

A loving father of three is how Wilson described himself when he took the witness box.

The 28-year-old Wilson, says he’s a carpenter and a farmer, who also sells clothes with his girlfriend, Shantal Gordon, to support his children.

When Wilson’s attorney, Lloyd McFarlane, asked him if he’d ever fired a gun, the reputed leader told the court the only gun he’s ever fired is the spray gun he uses as part of his trade as a carpenter.

Wilson also told the court, he’s not a licensed firearm holder so he’s never held a gun before.

When Wilson was asked if he was present at a 2016 robbery in St. Ann, he produced a passport with information suggesting he was in Belize at the time of the robbery.

When Wilson was asked about an August 2017 robbery, he told the court, he wasn’t present.

He says it’s a day he’d never forget because an attempt was made on his life.

Wilson says another alleged gangster, Stevenson Bennett, brought two men to his home.

He says these men were members of the Constabulary.

He says the men alighted from a car and put a gun to his head.

According to Wilson, one of the men said: “a long time you fi dead.”

According to Wilson, the gun misfired giving him a chance to escape.

But while he was running he was shot and injured in the shoulder.

Wilson says he eventually went to the Kingston Public Hospital, where he didn’t register under his real name because he was traumatized.

Wilson went on to deny involvement in a series of crimes he’s alleged to have committed by the state witnesses who say they were apart of the gang.

Wilson also denied knowing almost 10 of his alleged cronies.

That includes Detective Corporal Lloyd Knight.

The prosecution allege Wilson paid Detective Corporal Knight to release a gang member.

While under cross examination, Wilson told the prosecution he’s not the leader of any gang.

He says he’s “only the boss of his carpenter shop”.

Meanwhile, Wilson says he was taken from lock up in Spanish Town, St. Catherine and transported to Clarendon by members of the Constabulary against his will.

He says the police asked him for half of his guns.

In a recorded conversation played earlier in the trial, Wilson could be heard negotiating with one of his cronies to produce a gun so the police would release his girlfriend.

He told the court today that he lied during this conversation because he wanted to be released from lock up.

Wilson says he was only playing along with the police as a means of self preservation.

Nineteen people are before the Supreme Court answering to charges of being a part of a criminal organization.

Twenty five people were brought before the court, but, six have since been freed with no contest from the prosecution.

Meanwhile, the alleged second in command of the so-called Uchence Wilson Gang, Fitzroy Scott, told the court one of the state’s witnesses has a vendetta against him.

Scott took the witness box after Wilson was cross examined today.
According to Scott, the state witnesses, is related to his landlord.

But he says the landlord removed the witness from the family home after the witness burglarize Scott’s home.

Scott says the witness has had a personal vendetta against him since.

While giving evidence, led by his attorney CJ Mitchell, Scott told the court ‘I did not assist, participate or facilitate any criminal activity.’

Scott says he’s never been on a robbery or held a gun.
He also denied knowing several of his co-accused.
In their cross examination, the Prosecution suggested to Scott he was lying.
But Scott replied to the Crown ‘I didn’t participate, facilitate or have knowledge of any robbery that you are alleging.’

The trial resumes at 10 tomorrow morning.