At least two members of the legal fraternity say the appointment of Retired Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, as the country’s new Cabinet Secretary is not in line with the Constitution.

Lieutenant General Meade’s appointment also makes him Head of the Civil Service.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Tuesday.

However the appointment is being met by questions about its legality given Section 92 of the Jamaican Constitution.

Former Solicitor General and King’s Counsel, Michael Hylton, says Meade’s service in the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF, does not justify his new appointment.

KC Hylton says the appointment of JDF officers is not mentioned within the Constitution.

Michael Hylton, Former Solicitor General and King’s Counsel.

For his part, Attorney-at-Law, Neco Pagan, agreed with KC Hylton.

He says pension regulations also indicate differential treatment of officers by Parliament.

Neco Pagan, Attorney-at-Law.Member

Meanwhile, Mr. Pagan says a withdrawal of Meade’s appointment is one remedy to the issue.

He says Meade should instead be appointed as a public officer before rising to Cabinet Secretary.

However, KC Hylton says while Mr. Pagan’s method to remedy the matter would be sufficient, it would also go against the Constitution.

King’s Counsel and Former Solicitor General, Michael Hylton.

Before him, Attorney-at-Law, Neco Pagan.

Both men were speaking on Nationwide@5.