Stevian Simmonds reports

The Captain of the boat which eventually pulled 53-year-old Donovan Heywood to land following a shark attack in Westmoreland at the weekend, has given horrifying details of the ordeal.

A video that went viral over the weekend showed Mr Heywood’s body with the entire left arm ripped off, leaving only the bone.

Boat Captain Clive Campbell has painted a grim picture of what unfolded shortly after 1pm on Saturday.

He says they were fishing in waters about five feet deep.

He told of how his friend battled for nearly three minutes with the Shark and was only released after the massive fish was speared in the head.

Mr Campbell says the shark was about six feet long.

He sought to explain why the shark would have attacked his colleague.

Captain Campbell says the team tried desperately to get Mr Heywood medical care in time to save his life.

But he says even Mr Heywood predicted he would not have made it.

The boat captain says he wanted to ensure the shark was killed after witnessing how it attacked his colleague.