The police say the man who is a person of interest in the attack on four homeless men on Sunday night is the same man who was taken into custody in relation to the killing of homeless persons earlier this year.

The man is now in police custody in relation to the latest incident.

The four men, who were attacked in the vicinity of Cross Roads in the Corporate Area, are currently being treated at hospital.

One is said to be nursing severe wounds to the head.

The incident occurred sometime after two in the morning while the men slept.

Senior Communications Strategist in the Constabulary Force, Dennis Brooks, says the man had previously been released, as the State could not mount a credible prosecution in that matter.

Mr. Brooks says the similarities in Sunday’s attacks caused the police to prepare a profile of the suspect. The man was then identified as the person of interest.

He says the ongoing investigations are heading in the right direction.

Dennis Brooks, Senior Communications Strategist in the JCF.