A Trelawny woman is expressing fear that COVID-19 stigma against her, could become violent.

The woman, lives in the community of Hague in the parish. 

She says she has been battling a tonsil-related illness for the past two weeks.

But, she says her neighbors, who fear she has contracted the deadly virus, have made her life miserable.

The woman, called our news centre today, desperately pleading for an intervention. 

We’ll call her Mary to protect her identity. 

She says two weeks ago she was afflicted with a tonsil-related illness, for which she visited the doctor. 

But, Miss Mary says her neighbors have heard her coughing and have spread a dangerous rumour that she has contracted COVID-19.

To make matters worse, she says she has been told by her parish’s Health Department that they will not test her for the coronavirus.   

She says the Police came to her house on the weekend and demanded she reveal details about her illness. 

*Miss Mary says she can’t leave her home because the public passenger vehicle operators in the area are refusing to transport her.

She says she has spent about 12 days locked in her house. 

*Miss Mary also says she’s fearful for her life, if and when she decides to venture outdoors. 

In the meantime, when Nationwide News contacted the Trelawny Police, Divisional Head, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, says he would investigate the matter and refer the woman to the parish’s public health team.