The Medical Association of Jamaica, MAJ says its concerned about the recent dissemination of opinions regarding COVID-19 that it says are unsupported by the preponderance of evidence.

In a statement over the weekend the MAJ says it’s a strong believer in evidence-based approaches to public health and other health issues.

It’s urging everyone in positions of public trust and respect, to contribute to the national effort to save lives through scientifically sound utterances.

The MAJ says the public relies on its members to live by the first precept of medicine, First, do no harm.

It’s stating and reinforcing the fact to the public at large that the COVID-19 virus is here in Jamaica.

The MAJ says it’s neither a ‘Cold Weather’ or ‘Hot Weather’ virus.

It is a virus that has caused persons to die in cold countries as well as in hot countries.

The Association is urging Jamaicans to continue to hold strain and to adhere to the regulations stipulated by the authorities in response to the Covid crisis.