The 29-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting his five-year-old sister in Westmoreland last week has been captured.

The accused was captured during an operation last night in the Whithorn Police district in the parish.

Head of the Area One Police, Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers, gave the confirmation to our news centre.

The accused man’s actions were uncovered by his mother after she noticed something amiss with the child’s underwear last Thursday.

The mother says upon asking her daughter, she was told her brother had touched her private area.

A two-year-old child who is the niece of the accused was also believed to have been assaulted by the accused. However there’ve been reports that said she was unharmed following observation in hospital.

ACP Chambers says the police are conducting investigations on similar incidents involving the accused.

ACP Clifford Chambers, Head of Area One Police Division.