The Portland police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the murder of a pregnant woman and a man in Port Antonio on Tuesday night.

The deceased have been identified as 28-year-old Shadae Pink, and 23-year-old Keino James of John Town.

Reports are that about 11pm, Pink and James were among a group of people playing dominoes on Campbell Avenue in Prospect, when gunmen drove up and started shooting. The police say preliminary reports suggest the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute.

In a statement Wednesday, Member of Parliament for East Portland, Ann-Marie Vaz says she’s disturbed by the killings.

She says the incident is a shock to residents of Port Antonio who are not accustomed to such a display of brutality.

Mrs. Vaz is urging residents to tell the police what they know.

Portland is consistently the parish with the lowest homicide rate per year.

According to data from the police, between January 1 and April 30, only three murders were recorded in the parish.