The Narcotics police are on the hunt for a man who escaped arrest in Portmore, St. Catherine, yesterday after being caught transporting over 100 kilograms of cocaine.

The police say the drugs have a street value of over $127-million.

A firearm, containing several rounds, was also seized.

Police reports are that about 5:30 yesterday morning, detectives from the Narcotics Division were conducting operations in Portmore.

The police signaled the driver of a white Nissan AD Wagon to stop at the Southborough Round-About.

The driver refused and drove away, crashing the vehicle in the roundabout.

The police say the driver — who was armed — escaped on foot. But they say he dropped the gun.

The Police found 92 parcels of cocaine in the trunk of the vehicle.

They say they’re conducting operations and checks at addresses associated with the escapee.