A man has been killed and another injured in Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

This was confirmed by the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, a short while ago.

CCU says the shooting happened on Market street in Old Harbour.

The identity of the man killed is not yet known. Neither is the condition of the injured man.

The shooting that happened sometime this morning follows an eruption of violence in sections of St. Catherine yesterday.

The old capital Spanish Town and its environs has been tense after shootings broke out in several different areas from about 2:00 yesterday afternoon.

Cumberland road and Job Lane were two of the affected areas.

The shootings resulted in the death of three men.

The shooting this morning has now taken the death toll in St. Catherine to seven since yesterday.

Six people were shot and killed over the last 24 hours in the parish.

Among them is a young soldier.

A 48 hour curfew is now in effect in sections of the St. Catherine North Police Division.