A police operation in the St. Andrew South Police Division has reportedly led to the killing of a man who was suspected to be involved in the murder of a member of the Constabulary last week.

A man identified by his alias ‘Pim Pim’ was reportedly shot and killed on Delacree Lane this morning.

Pim Pim was reportedly being sought by the police in connection with the September 19 murder of 57-year-old Sergeant Averel McCollin.

Sergeant McCollin was attached to the St. Andrew South Police Division.

Reports are about 1:30 am, Sergeant McCollin was at a premises in Gregory Park, St. Catherine playing a game of dominoes, when men turned up at the location and shot him several times.

Pim Pim reportedly challenged the police during the operation this morning.

The police returned fire hitting him.

Preliminary reports indicate a handgun and several rounds of ammunition were seized by the police.

A woman who’s believed to be the mother of the man killed by the police, says her son was killed in cold blood.

Superintendent of Police, Damion Manderson says the security forces conducted a professional operation.

Superintendent Damion Manderson, speaking with the media.