The police have arrested several wanted persons and persons of interest around the country, following an initiative led by the Criminal Investigation Head Quarters.

They include a man wanted for murder in the Bahamas, as well as two others wanted for murder in St. Andrew and St. Mary.


According to a statement from the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, all geographical areas participated in the operation, which reaped success islandwide. 

In Area 1, St. James Police conducted operations in areas of Bessie Baker district, Chester Castle, Paradise and Norwood.

They arrested one man for rape, and took another into custody for alleged lotto scamming activities.

A man suspected of harbouring a fugitive has also been taken into custody.

And two other men are in custody, suspected of Human Trafficking and Possession of Access Device.

Over in Area 2, St. Mary Police arrested a man for Murder.

While three men who were wanted for Shop Break-in, Larceny and Possession and Dealing in Ganja, were arrested at Woodstock Housing Scheme in Portland. 

Ten bench warrants were also executed and five persons arrested for traffic violations. 

In Area 3, a woman was arrested in Manchester on a bench warrant for Larceny as a Servant. 

While a man who owed $226-thousand in child support was arrested on an affiliation warrant in Georges Valley, also in Manchester.

In Rum Lane, Chatteau, Clarendon, police detained a man suspected in a murder case in the Bahamas.

And in St. Elizabeth, Police arrested a man for having Sexual Intercourse With a Person Under Sixteen. 

Two Persons of Interest in robberies were also detained.

In Area 4, Kingston Western Police arrested a man wanted for Burglary and Assault at Common Law at Penn Street, Admiral Town.  

They also detained three Persons of Interest in the case, as well as four other Persons of Interest in a series of robberies in Franklyn Town, East Kingston.

In St. Andrew Central, one man who was wanted for murder was taken into custody along with two Persons of Interest. 

Three persons were also detained in connection to the seizure of an M16 magazine containing ten cartridges.

St. Andrew South Police also seized one Uzi sub-machine gun and thirteen 9mm catridges following a fatal shooting in Kingston 13. 

And in Area 5, a Person of Interest for robbery and three counts of rape was arrested in Treadways district, St. Catherine. 

Another man was also arrested in Linstead for Possession and Dealing in Cocaine.

Police say they’re withholding the identities of the persons taken into custody to facilitate investigations.