A search and rescue operation is currently underway in Broadleaf district, Manchester for a taxi operator who it is believed is responsible for hacking his 8-month-old son to death and seriously injuring the child’s mother on Thursday.

The baby has been identified as Roshane McPherson.

Reports from the Mandeville Police are that about 6:30 this morning a team responded to reports of a domestic dispute at a house on McKinley Drive in the parish.

On the arrival of the lawmen, the mother and child were seen with chop wounds.

They were reportedly taken to hospital where Roshane succumbed to his injuries and the woman admitted in critical condition.

Police say a search and rescue is now on for their attacker whose motorcar was found ablaze in Porus, Manchester.

It’s alleged he may have jumped into a sinkhole in the Broadleaf community.