The case involving the beating death of 31-year-old construction worker from Montego-Bay, Mario Deane, faced another set back in court today.

This, as the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, has asked for more information in the case against Damian Cargill — a deaf and mute man, who was arrested last year in connection with Deane’s killing.

In April, Resident Magistrate, Carolyn Tai, requested that the matter be sent to the DPP for a ruling in light of difficulty in communicating with Mr Cargill.

When the case was called up in court today, the clerk said the DPP’s office had requested to know if there was any family member of Mr Cargill who would be able to help in communicating with him.

Mr Cargill’s lawyer, Franklyn Halliburton, told the court that there’s no one who can communicate with him on a level that will be required.

In response, RM Tai asked the clerk to communicate such information to the DPP’s office.

The Magistrate later set a July 17 mention date — and has asked that Mr Cargill and the two other men charged appear in court.

A full disclosure of information relating to the case was also ordered by the Magistrate to be handed over to Mr. Halliburton.

The other two men charged last year by the police with Mr. Deane’s death are: 35 year-old Marvin Orr and 25 year-old Adrian Morgan.

Both are mentally ill.