The Medical Association of Jamaica, MAJ, is calling on the Health and Wellness Ministry to explain the reason for the most recent delay in Jamaica receiving the first set of COVID 19 vaccines.

In a media release yesterday, the Health and Wellness Ministry said the first batch of COVID 19 vaccines expected Today, will arrive next Monday instead.

The Ministry says Monday’s first batch of 50-thousand doses from India will be followed by 14-thousand doses from COVAX on March 11.

MAJ President Dr Andrew Manning says there’s growing anxiety and questions about the vaccines.

Dr Manning also says people should not get complacent in adhering to the protocols even after taking the first jabs.

Dr Andrew Manning, President of the Medical Association.

In the meantime, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association, JMDA, Dr Mindi Fitz Henley, says she’s disappointed in news of another delay in receiving the vaccines.

But Dr Fitz Henley says she’s still hopeful.

Dr Mindi Fitz Henley, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.