A poll carried out by well known pollster Bill Johnson for Mello TV has found that Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips continues to badly trail Prime Minister Andrew Holness in both approval and favourability ratings.

The poll has found that Prime Minister Holness has an approval rating of 81-percent, while Dr. Phillips has an approval rating of 32-percent.

12-percent of those polled disapproved of the Prime Minister’s performance, while 41-percent disapprove of the performance of the Opposition Leader.

This means Dr. Phillips’s disapproval rating is 9-percentage points more than his approval rating.

But the Prime Minister’s approval rating exceeds his disapproval rating by 69-percentage points.

Mr. Johnson says the findings are also dismal for Dr. Phillips when the issue of favourability rating was put to the Jamaican people

Mr. Johnson gave more details of the findings of his poll which was conducted in June.

He says the poll found that Prime Minister Holness has significant support among people who voted for the PNP in 2016.

Mr. Johnson says the numbers do not augur well for Dr. Phillips and the Opposition PNP.

Bill Johnson, Pollster speaking on Mello TV.

Meanwhile, noted pollster, Don Anderson, says corruption and scandals have not impacted local voting patterns much over the years.

And, he maintains that there isn’t any indication that the issue of corruption will be a deciding factor in the country’s next General Election.

Don Anderson, Pollster and CEO of Market Research Services Limited.

Meanwhile, Political Commentator and Trade Unionist, Helene Davis-Whyte, says it’s generally accepted in the population that corruption is something both the JLP and the PNP are involved in.

Meanwhile, Mrs Davis-Whyte says voter apathy can have an impact on the outcome of the next General Election.

Helene Davis-Whyte, Political Commentator and Trade Unionist.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.