The Meteorological Service says its bush fire management project is designed to reduce the severe losses experienced by farmers each year.

The Met Service launched the comprehensive bush fire warning index for effective bush fire management project, last week.

Candace Charlton is the Project Assistant.

According to media reports, there have been over three thousand bush fires reported across the island, so far this year.

As the drought conditions persist, it’s feared that number could increase.

Ms. Charlton says several farmlands are affected by bush fires, yearly, resulting in losses of crops and animals.

She says, the Jamaica Fire Brigade recently had to respond to a bush fire near the State-owned oil refinery, Petrojam.

Ms. Charlton says the project will also help the Met Service’s partner agency the Jamaica Fire Brigade, better respond to bush fires.

Candace Charlton, Project Assistant for the Meteorological Services’ Bush Fire Management Project.