A recent poll conducted in St. Andrew Eastern shows that Member of Parliament Fayval Williams, enjoys the overwhelming favourability of the people of the constituency as opposed to People’s National Party, PNP, caretaker, Venesha Phillips.

The poll was conducted by Head of the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies, Professor Lloyd Waller, in June and July.

It’s understood the poll was conducted among 500 members of the St. Andrew Eastern constituency.

The seat is considered a marginal seat, and has swung to the winning political party in the last three general elections.

According to the poll, Fayval Williams enjoys 75% of the support of the constituency.

The poll finds that only 26% of the constituents believe PNP, caretaker for the constituency, Venesha Phillips would make a better MP for the constituency.

According to the findings of the poll, 75% of people believe Ms Williams would have a greater impact on the constituency.

While 25% of respondents preferred Ms. Phillips.

Among her party base, Ms Williams has the support of 94-percent of Jamaica Labour Party, JLP supporters.

While Ms. Phillips has the support of 71% of PNP supporters.

Professor Waller warns that the 71% score may give Ms. Williams room to exploit the rest of the PNP’s supporter base.

Meanwhile, the poll finds Ms. Williams’ positive rating continues when the results are broken down by gender.

According to the poll, 70% of men and 76% of women believe Ms Williams would make a better MP.

For Ms Philips, 30% of men and 24% of women believe she’ll be the better candidate.