Neika Lewis reports,

As the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, is forced to pick up the pieces after a massive defeat in the September 3 General Elections last week, it is also faced with the tough task of choosing its next leader.

PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips, announced last Friday that he has initiated the process to find a new leader.

The party’s executive has reportedly postponed a meeting set for tonight.

The meeting was to decide how they’d respond to Dr Phillips’ resignation letter.

Dr Phillips’ son, Mikhael isn’t ruling out himself as a potential contender for the leadership of the PNP.

There was little reward for the PNP last Thursday after battling the JLP in the country’s 18th General Elections since Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944.

Beaten street and lane, supporters left the headquarters downtrodden, but a few loyalists remained to properly end the day.

But, who’ll answer the call to lead the 82 year old political party into the future?

Names touted include PNP Vice Presidents, Mikhael Phillips – son of the outgoing president, Phillip Paulwell, and Damion Crawford.

Other names suggested are St Andrew South MP, Mark Golding, South East St Ann MP, Lisa Hanna, and General Secretary, Julian Robinson.

Mr Robinson told our newscentre that he’ll not be commenting on the matter.

Mr Crawford has also refrained from commenting at this time.

And, Mr Golding says he’s not ready to discuss the matter with the media at this time.

But, the young Phillips isn’t ruling himself out.

Mr Phillips says he doesn’t think the party President will step down before the end of this month.

Efforts to get a comment from both Mr Paulwell and Ms Hanna were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, South West St Andrew MP and former PNP Vice President, Dr Angela Brown-Burke, says the PNP cannot ignore the magnitude of last Thursday’s massive defeat.

She says there’s need to revisit the term ‘safe seat’.

Meanwhile, Dr Brown Burke says she’s confident the party will rebound.

Dr Angela Brown Burke, South West St Andrew MP, speaking Thursday at the PNP’s Old Hope Road Headquarters in St Andrew.