Nationwide News understands that a senior person connected to the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, is being investigated by the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption agency, MOCA, for corruption.

The revelation of the investigation follows news that the Police High Command are concerned about several firearm licenses issued to some persons suspected to be involved in criminal activity.

The growing concerns over how suspected criminals were granted firearm licenses are deepening.

Two high ranking police sources this afternoon confirmed with Nationwide News that a senior and influential man connected to the FLA has been under investigation for selling gun licenses.

MOCA has been investigating allegations that he used his position to facilitate licenses being granted to a number of persons.

This at a cost ranging from JMD$200,000 to $750,000.

MOCA is also probing reports that the FLA connected man contacted some FLA investigators and pressured them to expedite the process of granting licenses to persons who he collected money from.

Among those given gun licenses is a criminal suspect.

The Police High Command has written the FLA about the issue.

In one particular case, the High Command contacted the FLA about the issuing of a license to a Western Jamaica-based man who’s suspected of being a major player in organized crime – including scamming and a motor vehicle stealing racket.

It’s understood that the firearm in question has been linked to a triple murder.

Sources say that in June, Deputy Police Commissioner Novelette Grant sent a letter to the FLA recommending that the gun license issued to the individual in 2016 be revoked.

That suspected player in organized crime was reportedly denied a gun license in 2015 because of adverse traces concerning him which were identified by the National Intelligence Bureau, NIB.

The FLA Board reportedly last year granted approval of his license but did not consult further with the Police before doing so.

Since the intervention of the High Command, the gun issued to the suspected criminal has been confiscated and his license revoked.

Our news center understands that National Security Minister, Robert Montague has been made aware of concerns expressed by the Police.

Word that the senior person connected to the FLA is the subject of a criminal investigation has also reportedly been communicated to the Security Minister.

Minister Montague appeared on Nationwide Radio today and confirmed that he’s summoned all FLA Board members to a meeting as he moves address the issue.

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