The majority of the successful candidates in the November 28 Local Government Election are expected to be sworn in as Councillors in their respective Municipal Corporations today.

The Chairpersons of the Corporations — who’ll also be the Mayors of the parish capitals — will also be selected and sworn in today.

Activities are expected to get underway at 10 in all Corporations except in the Corporate Area.

This, as both the JLP and PNP have agreed to postpone the swearing-in of Councillors for the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, KSAC.

The decision has been taken in light of the magisterial recount for the Rae Town Division which is to get under in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday.

The JLP’s Rosalie Hamilton had been declared the winner following the final count of ballots.

She defeated the PNP’s Shawn McGregor by 21 votes.

Meanwhile…. Nationwide News has learnt that Councillor for the Rocky Point Division, Winston Maragh, is to be the Mayor of May Pen and Chairman of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation.

It was widely believed that the Councillor for the Mineral Heights Division, Milton Brown, who’s previously served as Mayor, would be named the Chairman of the Corporation.