Nationwide News understands that fast food chain Mothers is set to close its 18 branches in Jamaica for the next 30 days.

Nearly one -thousand people will temporarily lose their jobs.

The move comes as the fast food chain is grappling with a major decline in sales.

The decline is being attributed to restrictions put in place due to the Covid19 crisis which is impacting Jamaica.

The temporary closure of the Mothers outlets in Jamaica is to take effect tomorrow.

Mothers will also be closing its three retail outlets at Devon House in St. Andrew over the next 30 days.

Mothers was a major supplier to several prominent hotels in Jamaica which were also temporarily closed a few weeks ago.

It’s understood that the fast food chain is contending that it has been losing 20-percent of its breakfast business and 50-percent of its lunch sales due to restrictions intended to limit the spread of the Coronavirus in Jamaica.