Stevian Simmonds reports.

At least one Member of Parliament is calling for a stronger stance from the government and the private sector to push people to get vaccinated, once enough of the drug is available on the island.

MP for St Thomas Western, James Robertson, says he’s warned his constituency executives to get inoculated.

Members of Parliament are helping to mobilise people to take the vaccines as the government tries to inoculate 65-percent of the population by the first quarter of next year.

But some of the political representatives are describing it as an uphill task.

Robertson believes a stronger stance is necessary to get people to take the vaccine.

He says he’s issued a directive to members of his constituency executive.

He wants the private sector and the media to take a similar stance to counter vaccine hesitancy.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for South East St Andrew, Julian Robinson, says he’s been using town criers in his constituency in an attempt to get the message across.

Despite that he says people are pushing back.

Robinson says there are those who’ve had a change of heart, once they have a one on one with health experts

MP for St Catherine East Central, Natalie Neita-Garvey, says her team has also been sending out informational videos and posters urging people to get the jabs.

She says she’s also arranged transportation for constituents to reach the vaccination centres.