The North East Regional Health Authority, NEHRA, is seeking to have a 24-hour Accident and Emergency Department established at the Alexandria Hospital, in St. Ann.

The facility was downgraded to a community health centre in the 1980s. But it still offers maternity services for low-risk cases.

Regional Director at NEHRA, Fabia Lamm, says it’s to meet with the Health Ministry to discuss the cost to begin accident and emergency services there.

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She says the main plan is to facilitate emergency services. Cases that can’t be handled at the facility will be referred elsewhere.

Ms. Lamm says the decision was made after realizing that thousands of people are turning up for services outside of regular health center hours.

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Fabia Lamm says residents want the facility to operate as a hospital again. This, as the closest hospital, the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, is far from their community.