That’s the demand from Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry in response to the JCF’s Administrative review report into the conduct of five of its officers during the May 2010 West Kingston Operations.

The report published by the JCF yesterday cleared the five who’d been cited for dereliction of duty by the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Mrs. Harrison Henry says the report impugns the integrity of the Commission and asked for its immediate withdrawal.

Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry has labeled the findings of the JCF’s Administrative Review report published yesterday as contemptuous.

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The five officers were accused of dereliction of duty by the Commission which recommended that they no longer take part in police operations.
The officers are Donovan Graham, the now deceased Winchroy Budhoo, Everton Tabannah, Steve Waugh and Mario Pratt.

The nine-member Committee led by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wray Palmer, concluded that that there was no dereliction of duty.

But Mrs. Harrison Henry says this Internal Review is attempting to act as an Appellate body and overturn the Commission of Enquiry.

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She says the posture being taken by the JCF is unfortunate. Mrs. Harrison Henry says the JCF must withdraw the report forthwith.

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