Attorney representing the JCF during the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, Valerie Neita-Robertson, says she disagrees with the report’s recommendation that certain JCF senior commanders be barred from internal security operations.

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Assistant Commissioner of Police, Winchroy Buhdoo, Senior Superintendent Donovan Graham and Deputy Superintendent Everton Tabannah and others, were identified as persons who should never again be allowed to lead or participate in such operations.

Mrs. Neita Robertson is also questioning why the residents received no chastising for their roles in contributing to the violence.

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Queen’s Counsel Valerie Neita-Roberston, Attorney representing the Jamaica Constabulary Force, during the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Meanwhile, attorney representing the Jamaica Defence Force, Peter Champagnie is criticizing the final report for not calling on residents to report criminal elements in their midst.

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The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry Report, which was released earlier this week, is critical of both the JDF and JCF during the 2010 Operation to apprehend Christopher Dudus Coke.

The Commissioners conclude that an apology is owed to the people of West Kingston and compensation should be paid.

Mr. Champagnie, while conceding that excesses may have taken place during the operation, is questioning the basis on which report rules that the army’s use of mortars was reckless.

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Peter Champagnie, Attorney representing the Jamaica Defence Force during the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.