Chairman on the PNP Patriots, Javette Nixon, is criticizing those who have signed Party President and Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller’s nomination to the top post.

In a Twitter post Nixon says “I have watched with amusement as comrades line up to sign the comrade leaders nomination and proclaim their support. Whether it is for their own political expedience or a genuine belief in her continued leadership, I don’t know and wont speculate.”

Former Youth Minister and MP for South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna, is among those who have signed the Opposition Leader’s Nomination.

Mr. Nixon says the support Mrs. Simpson Miller is receiving signals the decline of the party.

The Patriot’s Chairman has been critical of the PNP leader in the past, stating that he refuses to accept that she is the only person to lead the party at this point in its history.

He says the Party will not win another election if it does not renew itself and those who are supporting Mrs. Simpson Miller are signing away the party’s future.