The Prosecution in the Klansman trial has disclosed that it will not be calling on any other witness to corroborate the second witness’ evidence that a Rastaman was killed by two of the defendants.

The witness had given evidence that a Rastaman was killed by Brian Morris also known as ‘Rooster’ and Michael Whitely otherwise called ‘Stennett’ who fired several shots at the victim in broad daylight while he was drinking an alcoholic beverage at a shop.

The matter of other witnesses being called arose during re-examination of the second witness.

Tauna Thomas is covering the trial.

The Prosecution made an application to show a picture of the deceased to the second witness.

The Prosecution says their intent was to have the witness identify the person that was shot in the 2018 incident.

But Justice Sykes intervened asking if the Prosecution wouldn’t be relying on anyone else to identify the victim.

He questioned:

Quote: No Police on the scene will be coming to give evidence on the Rastaman’s death? End Quote

The Prosecution responded ‘No my Lord.’

Justice Sykes further questioned if the Prosecution had anything else to support the Rastaman’s killing, but the lead Prosecutor said no.

Justice Sykes persisted:

Quote- “No Police? Photographer? Relative?”

“Not even someone to say I went on Jones Avenue and saw a body?”

Justice Sykes then added that he was wondering about the value of showing the witness the victim’s picture.

The Prosecution reiterated that the purpose was to identify the person the second witness said was killed.

The Lead Prosecutor argued that upon seeing the photograph, inference can be made that the victim was the person who was killed.

In his evidence the witness didn’t say he knew the Rastaman but saw him being killed by Morris and Whitely.

But Justice Sykes is maintaining that there’s not sufficient evidence at this point, that the witness knew the victim and can properly identify the deceased.

The witness has only testified to signing a picture of the victim when he was alive.

The application to show the witness the deceased Rastaman for the purposes of identification was not allowed.

Re-examination of the witness ended minutes to 4 this afternoon.

A third witness will be called tomorrow.

Today is day 31 of the trial.

In the meantime, Disgruntled defendants in the Klansman gang trial who were not given lunch today raised concerns about the management of their meals by Police personnel assigned to the courts.

The defendants raised their concerns after being given permission by Presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes to speak.

The defendants say it has been a long standing issue where the Court Police have not been accepting the meals from their family members daily.

Addressing Justice Sykes, accused Tareek James says the family members of other defendants are allowed to bring meals everyday for them.

However he claims the Court Police have not been allowing their relatives to bring food.

He said : “It’s as if something wrong with us”

At least five others explained that they were on special diets noting that not even dogs or ants would want the meals they were being given.

The men including some with dreadlocks say they were vegetarians.

The lone female on trial, Stephanie Christie pleaded her case noting that she would appreciate receiving lunch from her family because it’s the only cooked meal she gets each day.

According to Christie she’s transported to court daily before breakfast and arrives back at the prison after dinner hours.

A Superintendent of the courts in response to the issues admitted there were challenges and pledged that effective tomorrow the defendant’s family members lunches would be accepted.

She however explained that the lunch hour might need to be extended because they have to search all the meals that have not been provided by the state.